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We are cousins who feel a strong connection to our Irish Heritage. After losing our mother and father (who were sister and brother) within six months of each other to a sudden, mysterious illness, we became more aware of the gifts we had received from them and their mother. Both were dynamic, interesting and amazing people, who, above all, loved their families. We miss them everyday and cherish the wisdom and strength they shared with us. While talking about them, we came to realize that we should share our feelings and their words. After a little more discussion, and maybe some divine inspiration, it occurred to us that many women have shared our experiences. It seemed like a perfect idea to try and share those words and experiences. Maybe we will all be touched a little. Maybe we will cry a little. But we hope that we will all come away from this project as better people.

Thank you for taking the time to read our words. We hope you will share them with others.

Patricia Connorton Kagerer
Dallas Women in the Workplace Examiner
Email: Patricia@wiseirishwomen.com

Laura Prendergast Gordon
Email: Laura@wiseirishwomen.com

Patricia Connorton Kagerer and Laura Prendergast GordonPatricia Connorton Kagerer and Laura Prendergast Gordon
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